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This album is about the struggle of trying to make sense of the world through a lens that doesn't always seem to work. It's about having what keeps you up collapse under your feet, and what happens after that. "Ocris", meaning "rugged mountain" in Latin, is exactly where this all takes place. We are always working towards a summit we think we need to reach, but often if and when we get there all we see is a greater height we wish to conquer. "Ocris" is about climbing one of these mountains, the constant questioning of why and how, and how those questions impact the journey itself. When the questions finally produce answers, they inevitably also produce more questions, creating an endless hike up. There is always going to be some greater unknown, which means there really is no true summit to "Ocris", only an acceptance of where we are and of the questions we still have, and a desire to keep moving forward.

This album was a wonderful journey for us. Ideas changed as we did during its creation. It really was amazing to get to spend so much time with one another, discussing life and getting to know each other as much as we spent time working. Now that it's all complete, we are incredibly excited to have you be a part of this album. We encourage you to listen and let us know your thoughts on the music, lyrics, or anything else.

"Ocris" was recorded in the summer of 2015 at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver, B.C. with John Raham.


released January 23, 2016

Scott Currie - Piano, Rhodes, Keyboards, Lead Vocals
Stephen Dahl - Drums, Percussion, Timpani, Vibraphone, Vocals
David Dueckman - Bass, Trumpet, Euphonium, Keyboard, Vocals
Matthew Janzen - Guitars, Cello, Viola, Violin, Vocals

John Raham - Mixing, Engineering
Graemme Brown - Mastering

All songs written and performed by Oh Village.



all rights reserved


Oh Village Abbotsford, British Columbia

Alternative/Indie Quartet from Abbotsford, BC.

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Track Name: Tiny Pictures
Someone tell me that I'm alive;
Let me know that the world's still surrounding me.
All I see is this brick wall covered in
Tiny pictures of who my neighbour is.

How am I to reach the other side
Without having their faces left behind?
I've been sleeping beneath their eyes,
But something tells me it's not them watching me.

This is everyone:
Every face that my new eyes have ever seen.
The many thought of as cold-hearted enemies
Now share the glow of my true, loving family.

Oh, you're not scared.
You're a man,
Selfish and unsure.
So take my hand,
Listen well,
Open your eyes.

I'm already overwhelmed,
But maybe I can do this well.
Track Name: Beneath My Feet
When I was long possessed by trees,
Forgotten the ground beneath my feet.
Eager to know, athirst to see
More of this cloud-shrouded mystery.

Ground gives way,
Loose rocks fall,
Yet we're safe.
Yet we're safe.

Look: their spirit leads,
Fondly recall the valley,
Remember the sea.
Back to my home, remember.
Track Name: Home Was (Remembrance)
Oh, what a road before us;
Cold feet and I'm not sure where I'm
going yet.
Home was a calming chorus so sweet,
But I'm not sure I remember it.
At least I'm feeling it.

Alone in a raging forest.
So long and I'm not sure where I'm
going yet.
Oh, just to sing the chorus so calm;
I didn't know I was hearing it.
Sung as a God-loving little kid,
But right now, well, maybe I should
consider it.
If I can remember it.

Oh, but I'm not sure where I'm going yet.
Track Name: What She Already Knows (Everything At Once)
Everything at once,
'Cause time ain't helping anything.
Go to the cloud kissed heights,
Keeping off the mountainside.
She took a step but it started to sting,
Holding her back.
She heard a voice as it started to ring
Matters of fact.

Pure jealousy of where your neighbour is, my dear.

Life looks greener on the other side.
So now she sits and stares,
Waiting for it to arrive;
Planting a seed hoping that it'll grow
In less than a day;
Looking past what she already knows,
Hoping it fades.

Be still, my dear,
Everything changes.
You live in fear;
Why not embrace it?
This everything
Will not come in life.
So be still, my dear,
You will learn in time.

Be still and know.
Track Name: Jagged Floors
You and I, brother,
Fought this empty war.
We shattered like picture
On some jagged floor.

Honestly, we did.
How could we persist?

Mother always told me,
"Keep your family close",
But now that I'm with you,
I can't wait to be alone.

Honestly, I'm sick.
I've had enough of this.

Honestly, I tried.
Just give me back what's mine.
Track Name: I'm Safe, I'm Fine
I talk in an empty room
To keep calm when I think of you.
Show me you're the heart of men,
And I'll give you my story then.

I walk at a steady pace
Through loopholes in your heavenly gate.
Show me all my hidden sin,
And I'll give you my story then.

I mock all the delicate kind
Who, deep down, have a despicable mind.
Show me you're in love with them,
And I'll give you my story then.
But only then.

You slept and abandoned them,
So I'm safe
And I'm fine.
I'm safe
And I'm fine.
Track Name: Here Alone (Parts I & II)
When I told myself I was fine,
I was wrong.
And even though I thought I was safe,
I was not home.

Better to be left here alone
Than with you.
And maybe I'm a mess;
Even then, I'm not needing you.
Track Name: The Man I Was
What a man I was,
I never understood a thing I learned.
And there you were,
Preaching to a choir I never heard.
The words that we sang and the thoughts in my mind,
They never quite aligned.

Caustic in my search for you,
Caught in a vain pursuit.
Oh, to know what I'm to do.
But I never spoke to the man in the frame.

Here he is again:
Everything I hate within a man.
I hear what he says,
But do I have what it takes to
The rest can begin when the
Conversation ends.
I hope it never ends.
Track Name: Where Did You Go
Where did you go?
Lord, I swear I was here
And I love you like I never have before.

Where did you go?
Okay, maybe I ran; I was scared.
I couldn't take it anymore.

Where did you go?
I was looking for something
More placid and beautiful than you.

Where did you go?
Does it matter? I'm here now
And looking for truth in You.

Does it matter? Here I am.

Where did you go?
I tried to go home to my Mother or Father
Or whatever You are.

Where did you go?
Man, this voice in my head
Better not just be me now.

Where did you go?
Oh my God, oh my thoughts,
Where are you? I can't see you anymore.

Where did you go?
I was out with my neighbour
And look where it got me.

In the back of my mind, I hope that I die.
I hope I don't make it,
I hope that my fingers slip.
Oh, what am I saying? I hope I don't make it,
I hope that I quit. I hope that I die.
Maybe then I'll be satisfied.
Maybe then I can come alive.
But I don't want to die. I don't want to die.
Track Name: Helix
Helix, see me.
Please forgive me.
My father's eye,

For you see
Even me.
Even me.

I can't run from you.
You see beyond
What's thought as true.
And countless times
I've thought you blind,
Until I see you watching me.

For you see
Even me.
Even me.

Helix, see me.
Please forgive me.
My father's eye,