Far Side of the Sea

by Oh Village

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    Artwork by: Anna-Marie Janzen
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Far Side of the Sea is an album that showcases who we are as musicians as well as people. It is an album of memories. Some good, some terrible. It features songs about dark pasts, bright futures, faith and fear, and is a really effective way of showing to the world what our beliefs are as a band.

Far Side of the Sea was named after a line from our song,"In This House". It is a line that we felt symbolized the message that we wanted to convey to people. The line was also taken directly from Psalm 139. "If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me."

This album was recorded at The Sound Suite with our good friend Steve Klassen in our hometown, Abbotsford, BC. The recording process was an absolutely amazing experience for us. It was a time of bonding, learning and hard work. It was really exciting to see the album come together piece by piece, and compare the songs to what they used to be.

As a band, we feel that Far Side of the Sea is the beginning of something really exciting. It is a symbol of what we have done as band this last year, and marks the start of something new. We are incredibly excited to see what the future has in store, and hope that you will continue following us on our journey. We appreciate all of the support we have received during the process of making this album. Everyone's contribution has meant so much to us. We really hope you enjoy Far Side of the Sea.


released August 8, 2012



all rights reserved


Oh Village Abbotsford, British Columbia

Alternative/Indie Quartet from Abbotsford, BC.

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Track Name: The Wind, It Turns
I was staring at the sky, simply wondering why I was upset
As I was floating on the sea, the clouds were rolling over me
There was a breeze
and I was frozen

The trees were covering up the land like a cast on a broken hand Protecting the core
As I was watching the birds in flight, and wondering where they'd sleep at night, where was their home
And then the skyline turned to gold
The wind, it turned from cold
And I was sitting still
For the beauty of the earth
For the glory of the skies
I am at peace
Track Name: Restart
I saw a man on the bus all alone
He lifted his hat and he said hello
He sat with a grin as he flipped through the news
He looked up at me as he opened his mouth

Boy don't you know you've got plenty of time
Waste it all now and you'll just lose your mind
I asked myself, do I need this right now

I got off the bus and went straight to my bed
I turned out the lights and reviewed what he said
Now, clearly this man had some problems in life
But which of his words have I lived out

I threw off the sheets as I fell to the floor
I put on my coat as I bust through the door
Now I'm franticly searching for the man in my heart
And wishing my time had a way to restart

And now my time is spent on nothing more than life
And now my time is spent on His word and life
Track Name: In This House
There was a darkness in the light
Only a speck, couldn’t escape my sight
And I followed it, keeping it close
It exchanged my serenity for morose
Surely the light did turn into the night ‘round me
Within the darkness I surely then could hide

But I was found in your eyes
You gave me a sister to talk the sunrise
In my bed, in the depths, You are there
Even though I was unaware

If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
If I settle on the far side of the sea,
If I stay in this house as the night goes on,
Even there your hand will guide me.
Track Name: De Novo
I was lost in my mind, and I knew I'd run out of time
I was scared; terrified, so I ran away
I knew You were gone, and I knew that she was alone
But then a hand touched my back, so I sat and cried

I sat in my place as I wiped the tears off my face
But then I knelt at Your feet in my brokenness
And now I’m Alive. I’m at peace
Through this war You’ve put me at ease
And now I am free from my guilt
And I know that I’m being rebuilt

Cause You know, You know who I am
And You are, You are my plan
Track Name: Red Death
Put your hand over your heart
Let fate decide if you’ve been set apart
Take a breath man you’ve been saved
Let's put it on let’s masquerade
This gate we’ve built, it’s sturdy see
Not kept them out but set them free
Thirty minutes every death
Thirty minutes, one last breathe

Blue is just the start my friend
Don’t worry not until the end
The next is of the lustful kind
Don’t look too far, you’ll lose your mind
Hear the violins around
Listen hard, you’ll feel the sound
Listen as it shouts out twelve
Yet my feet don’t skip a beat

The prince himself looks dead at me
I’m not the man he wants to see
He takes his hand and grabs my arm
He falls but squeaks a faint alarm
Out of luck without a doubt
Staring now they scream and shout
Off with mask! Off with all
Don’t move too fast. Now you’re dead
Track Name: 'Til the Sun Bends Her Way
I was running out of breath as I was looking through her eyes
Even when I felt the Devil's pull, I was bound to You within my soul

So when my heart was beating fast, You forgave and pulled it back

I was dreaming of her death as I was lying in my bed
And as I felt the scars appear I shouted out in fear

And as my heart was beating fast, You forgave and pulled it back
Track Name: Cold Hands
Help. I need a paradise
I need a set of eyes
I need a friend
Hope: the thing that I need the most
My life’s a kaleidoscope
But what can I do

Take a hard look in the mirror
Grab your cold hand, make it cleaner
Take a long walk in the sunlight
Make your heart warm, and your wrongs right

Help. I need a pair of fists
And I need a catalyst
And I need a home
Doubt: the only thing that I have
And It tears me apart, it’s sad
But what can I do
When can I say

Take a hard look in the mirror
Grab your cold hand, make it cleaner
Take a long walk in the sunlight
Make your heart warm, and your wrongs right
Track Name: Headlights
Glowing lights seem to sway in pairs

But my heart just can't keep a beat

Beside me is a beam of light

It fades away as I close my eyes

My life flashed before my eyes

I finally know what it means to die

I turn to see if the child's alright

But my mind is lost in a sea of cries

Press on my dying friend
When the world falls we will rise again

And the sun will shine for you
And we'll watch it all come true

Don't you worry, Freedom's arrived
Track Name: And Now Red Sails Make Me Think of You
On my wooden bow waves are pulling, pulling
Catching my red sails winds are blowing, blowing
Clouds in the night they are showing, showing
A beam of moonlight that is growing, growing

And for all the waves I can't see
I know that you're right beneath me
The lamp is my full-moon when I am free
When you believe in me

'Cross your precious face I am going, going
In your gentle grace I am flowing, flowing
Clouds in the night they are knowing, knowing
Why my wooden bow needs no rowing, rowing

And for all the lamp-litten skies
Reflected in your ocean eyes
That show how your waters can dance and fly
As I float by
Red sails high

And now red sails make me think of you…